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COGS Executive Board Profiles

Executive Committee

Joshua Scriven


Speaker: Joshua Scriven 

Joshua Scriven is a representative for the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Hailing from the Bahamas, Joshua obtained his B.S. and MSc. from the University of Central Florida and University College London, respectively. Joshua is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science, where his current research interests are immigration and identity in the context of international and comparative politics.
















Deputy Speaker for Finance: Matthew Uttermark

Matthew Uttermark is a representative for the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, serving since the 22nd Congress. Originally from Duluth, Minnesota Matthew received his B.S. from the University of Iowa in 2014. He is currently a doctoral student in political science specializing in research on U.S. state politics and federalism.


As Deputy Speaker for Finance, Matthew oversees the COGS budget, issues reports on the balance and expenditure of COGS accounts and prepares budget request for ratification by the Assembly. He also oversees the disbursement of COGS travel grants and assists the Speaker as needed with the administration of COGS.













Deputy Speaker for Judicial Affairs: ** 





As Deputy Speaker for Judicial Affairs, Vivianne audits the COGS Code and bylaws to ensure continued compliance with the Florida State University Student Body Constitution and Statutes. He is also spearheads the effort to fill vacant seats in the Assembly, informs new members of their duties, and assists the Speaker with the administration of COGS as needed.













Deputy Speaker for Communication: Jeanette Lehn


Jeanette Lehn is a representative of the College of Arts and Sciences in the Special Undecided Seat. Jeanette holds a BA in English from Reed College and a MA in English with a concentration in Composition from San Francisco State University. Jeanette is currently a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition in the English department here at FSU. Jeanette’s research focuses on writing studies and critical pedagogy within higher education. As Deputy Speaker of Communications, Jeanette informs COGS members of meeting dates, supervises announcements, acts as a liaison between COGS and other FSU representatives, helps to maintain the COGS website, and maintains social media accounts for the congress.


















COGS | SGA Staff Profiles


COGS and SGA are supported by a team of professional staff, who ensure that our student officers, representatives, and constituents get the most out of our student government. The full team is listed on the SGA website.

COGS Program Associate: Whitney Brown












Interim Director: 

Danielle Morgan Acosta

Director: Danielle Morgan Acosta, Ph.D. 












Assistant Director: Carolyn Harris















SGA Business Manager: Kim Dicks