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Student Body Attorney General



Jeffrey Grosholz

The Attorney General is responsible for upholding the integrity of the Student Government Association’s Constitution and Code of Laws.  The Attorney General also advises members of the SGA on their duties and responsibilities, and writes executive orders for the Student Body President.










Office Hours:

please schedule an appointment with:
Carolyn Cox
ccox@admin.fsu.edu | 850-644-0078

Attorney General Goals:

  • Work with the Chief Justice to ensure governing documents contain no ambiguities and are enforceable under current codes.
  • Ensure passed legislation is presented to the President in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with the Director of First Year Council and the Residence Hall Association to create an allocation process for the First Year Council that is more representative of the freshman class.
  • Work with the Senate throughout the year to encourage the writing of legislation that will better serve all students