TRUE Seminole Scholars

The TRUE Seminole Scholar program recognizes outstanding students that excel both in and outside of the classroom. They embody the ideals of the TRUE Seminole - Truth, Respect, Unity, and Excellence. Applicants are selected on a rolling basis. Selected Scholars are recognized on the Student Government website and Spring Inauguration.

2014 Scholars

Shelby Martin

Shelby is a freshman at Florida State majoring in Communications and Sociology. Her most fulfilling leadership experience is kicking off her Florida State University experience through participation in the Freshman Leadership Institute (FLI).

“FLI gave me a solid idea of what I wanted to accomplish during my time here at Florida State University,” she says. “Not only was this experience a blast, I was also challenged; which helped me learn and get a grasp on my strengths and weaknesses.”

Each week, FLI students learned about a different aspect of Florida State, from what organizations are available to how to professional and personal development. During involvement in FLI, Shelby was elected to be the committee chair of event planning and stepped up to put on an event for the student body. She learned how to efficiently delegate responsibilities, working with teams to achieve a common goal, using Florida State’s resources to plan an event and working with members of the Student Government Association.

A major turning point in her time at Florida State happened upon her acceptance to the university. She did not receive admission from her first choice of study and quickly turned her experience into a learning opportunity, finding ways to translate her previous skills and goals to a new career path. “Through this experience, I have learned that failure and defeat are life’s greatest teachers,” she says eagerly.

There are many aspects and disciplines that go into being a True Seminole Scholar. A True Seminole Scholar, according to Shelby, requires being genuine, respect, academic excellence and appreciation of unity.

“A genuine person is one who has peeled back the layers, discovered their true self, is comfortable in their own skin and interacts with others,” she says. “Once a person is confident with who they truly are, they are headstrong and don’t let others get in the way of achieving their goals.”  

True Seminole Scholars respect themselves, those around them, Florida State’s campus and present themselves in a way that portrays Florida State University in a positive manner. A True Seminole Scholar applies themselves to each class and builds good relationships with their professors, working hard to do the best job they can possibly do. Finally, Shelby believes we are always united through the Seminole spirit and it’s important to understand the unique characteristics each student leader offers the university.

Past Scholars

Jesse Marks

jlegendJesse is a junior at Florida State majoring in Middle Eastern Studies. His most fulfilling leadership experience, he tells us, is representing the College of Arts and Sciences, International students, and the whole of Florida State as a student Senator.
“The opportunity to serve as a Senator has allowed me to serve the student body and international student community on a grander scale than I was able before being elected,” says Jesse. “As I research and meet with student organizations and leaders on campus, I am given the opportunity to network and build relationships with others, and work toward a better FSU. These relationships can help foster sustainable options for necessary changes and opportunities.”
A transfer student at Florida State University, Jesse sensed a disadvantage compared to other students who were already actively involved since freshman year. His first semester was spent focusing solely on academics with little to no involvement in campus activities. Over the summer, Jesse taught English to refugee children who were forced from their homes, and are taking refuge in America.
“This experience opened my eyes to see that I was capable of bringing hope to people who lost everything,” says Jesse. “Something inside me woke up and I decided to invest my time to working with international students and preparing myself for work with refugees and internationals after graduation.”
Jesse found a certification program for Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL). This course taught him the necessary skills to teach and tutor English language students, and it soon became his passion – service to other students.

The character and integrity of Florida State University are defined by the three torches on the FSU seal: Vires, Artes, Mores. These, too, are the foundation for a True Seminole Scholar. Jesse is a strong leader in academics and integrity, finding beauty in the acquisition of knowledge, and showing unwavering commitment to morality in all areas of life. These traits encourage active involvement and engagement with the student body, builds a strong relationship with staff, faculty, and administration, and helps exceed academic excellence in grades, research and service.